Oscars 2015 – The Predictions

It’s that time of year again folks! Hollywood is just about finished patting themselves on the back with their annual awards season and, in under 24 hours, the Oscars will have begun. Before that though, there’s still time for me to give my thoughts and predictions on this years nominees. As usual, I’ll be choosing which nominees I believe should win and which, I predict will win.

NB. There are some omissions with certain categories due to the fact I’ve not seen many or indeed any of the nominees listed.

Best Film

Will/Should Win: Boyhood

There’s just no doubt that Richard Linklater’s 12 year project will scoop the main prize this year. While Whiplash is undoubtedly my favourite awards contender of the year and could very likely be my number 1 film when it comes to my top 10 in December, Boyhood is the closest I’ve seen to actual life being displayed on screen. A deserving win in my books.

Best Director

Will/Should Win: Richard Linklater – Boyhood

While some may view the main talking point of Boyhood‘s 12 year creative process as a bit of a gimmick, it bloody well worked! In a film in which, honestly, not much happens in the space of 3 hours, I barely noticed the time go by. That to me, is the work of a good director.

Best Actress

Will Win: Julianne Moore – Still Alice

Should Win: Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl

While the UK release date for Still Alice means I can’t see the film until after the Oscars, I’ve heard enough about Moore’s performance to know she’ll likely win. However of all the other performances, Pike is my favourite.

Best Actor

Will/Should Win: Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything

Having already won the BAFTA for his incredible performance, Redmayne will certainly walk away with an Oscar come tonight. His portrayal of Stephen Hawking still resonates with me nearly 2 months after seeing the film!

Best Supporting Actress

Will/Should Win: Patricia Arquette – Boyhood

As with Redmayne and Moore, her previous wins over awards season increases the likelihood that she’ll win tonight.

Best Supporting Actor

Will/Should Win: J.K. Simmons – Whiplash

His terrifying, career defining role is one of the strongest aspects of Whiplash! And I’m praying that when he accepts the award, the academy try to play him off only for him to throw a chair at the band for not being on his GODDAMN TIME!

Best Animated Film

Will Win: Big Hero Six

Should Win: The Boxtrolls

While I won’t be particularly upset when Big Hero Six wins (It’s Disney after all) I’ll still stand by my view that The Boxtrolls should win. Both are fantastically made animations – hell I’d even accept How To Train Your Dragon 2 winning (I’ve not seen Song of the Sea or The Tale of the Princess Kaguya so I can’t comment on those) –  but I’ll forever be in awe of the magic that Laika studios creates.

Original Screenplay

Will Win: Richard Linklater – Boyhood

Should Win: Dan Gilroy – Nightcrawler

Adapted Screenplay

Will/Should Win: Damien Chazelle – Whiplash

Let the record state however, that had Gone Girl been nominated I’d have put that as the one that should win. Whiplash will win either way though.


Will/Should Win: Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner didn’t so much for me in terms of it’s uninteresting story and bloated length, but there’s no denying the beauty that cinematographer Dick Pope has achieved. Literally every shot is a marvel to look at.

Costume Design

Will/Should Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel

The only real competition in this category is the costume designs in Into The Woods. But I’ll be surprised if that beats The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Will/Should Win: Boyhood

12 years worth of footage is a lot to edit!

Makeup and Hairstyling

Will/Should Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Yes, Steve Carell’s transformation in Foxcatcher is incredible and yes the costumes in Guardians of the Galaxy are rather good, but The Grand Budapest Hotel will no doubt win.

Original Score

Will/Should Win: Hans Zimmer – Interstellar

Original Song

Will/Should Win: Eveything is Awesome – The LEGO Movie

This won’t heal the wounds left by the gaping hole from the lack of awesome/LEGOness in the Animated Feature category but it’ll certainly help…

Production Design

Will/Should Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Sound Editing

Will/Should Win:  Birdman

Sound Mixing

Will/Should Win: Whiplash

Visual Effects

Will/Should Win: Interstellar

And there we have it! Join me on twitter tonight/tomorrow morning at @movie_mad as I live tweet the ceremony!