Top 10 BEST Movies of 2014

With the final day of 2014 ensuring there’s no way I can watch any more films this year, time to sum up the best of the best in a top 10 list! Something I’m sure has never been done before…

Before we get into it let me point out my super special rules for the top 10. As with all top 10s, this list is personal and views are my own and are indeed correct of course. However There are certain films I’ve seen this past 12 months which aren’t allowed in the list due to the UK release date being next year. Sure, I could put things like Whiplash and The Green Inferno in this list but the former isn’t released until January 19th and the latter hasn’t even got a release date over here yet. Which isn’t allowed. Them’s the rules.

Anyway, moving on:

10. Interstellar

Chris Nolan’s latest is an epic sic fi with fantastic acting all round. Hans Zimmers score is as always, a delight to the earholes and the visual treats are stunning. Best seen on the biggest screen possible, Interstellar is an incredible addition to the well respected director’s already impressive back catalogue.

9. Nymphomaniac

Lars Von Triers’ four hour exploration into the life of a sex addict is the only film of the three of his I’ve seen (the others being Antichrist and Melancholia) that actually stayed interesting throughout.

8. The LEGO Movie

Everything is indeed awesome with this film in our lives.

7. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

After hitting my top 3 with 2011’s RiseDawn of the Planet of the Apes is a worthy successor and ups the ante with apes on horseback WITH MACHINE GUNS! As well as incredible motion capture performances by Toby Kebbel and Andy Serkis, it has everything you need for a successful sequel.

6. The Boxtrolls

Who’d have thought that there’d be a kids film to top The LEGO Movie! Laika have proved once again that they’re a studio we should be taking notice of. Only 3 films in and, for me, they’re proving as delightful as a Pixar movie, perhaps even more so…

5. Gone Girl

It’s hard to talk about Gone Girl while trying not to spoil it for the poor souls who haven’t yet caught it but, suffice to say, David Fincher has done fantastically well as usual. However it’s really the performance of future Oscar nominee and hopefully winner Rosamund Pike who shines brightest in this.

4. Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhaal gives a career best performance in this incredible thriller as a press hound hellbent on getting to the top by any means necessary…

3. Inside Llewyn Davies

Probably the best soundtrack in any of the films from this list (or at least the one I’ve listened to most this year), Inside Llewyn Davies brought my attention to Oscar Isaac and for that I’m grateful.

2. Her

This was so close, to being my number 1 for the year that, from February for most of the next 6 months I was guaranteed nothing would beat it. Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson bring one of the greatest love stories ever and had me trying (and failing) to hold back a waterfall of tears by the end.

1. Boyhood

Officially the Number One Film of the year for practically everyone who’s made a top 10 list, or really just everyone. Boyhood is the closest depiction of real life in a film. It’ll bring back long lost memories and feelings and you’ll hardly notice the 3 hours go by. Bravo Richard Linklater!

And there we have it! My new years resolution for 2015, as with every other year, is to try and write more so hopefully I won’t disappear! But if you need me I’ll mostly be on I’ll try to check in over here every now and then though!


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