It’s hard to believe that the Bond franchise has been gracing our cinema screens almost continuously for 50 years now. And although we’ve had some stinkers (need I remind you all of Quantum of Solace?) it’s always been able to jump back up fighting.

To celebrate half a century of Bond, MGM and Sony have brought out the big guns with an almost reboot which somehow tops Casino Royale. With Sam Mendes (American Beauty) at the helm and Javier Bardem taking on the role of this installment’s villain it was going to be quite hard to let people down.

Mendes gives Bond the reboot it so desperately deserves with nods to the classics and long lost characters returning (namely Ben Wishaw’s Q). But perhaps what makes this instalment one of the series best is Judi Dench’s M, who has more to do here than we’ve ever seen. Allowing for us to have a more personalised look into the character of both her and Bond. Gone, it seems, are the days of easily predictable and, at times quite repetitive storylines, at least for now.

At 2 hours 23 minutes it’s quite lengthy but the time flies by with nary a dull moment to see. Each act is as good as the last and the conclusion brings the whole series to a perfect point which will just make you salivate with pure hunger for more.

Javiar Bardem’s portrayal of villain Mr Silva is a fantastic feat and one not to be missed. Although it’s clear that the series has had a dramatic turn around in the past few years since Daniel Craig broke out with Casino Royale, we are finally treated with a villain who will forever be looked at as a classic, joining the ranks of Auric Goldfinger and Dr No as soon as he enters the scene. The series can only get better from here on in and I for one will be there to welcome it.