That’s My Boy

Back in 2011 you, like me, may have caught Adam Sandler’s previous film Jack and Jill and when seeing Al Pacino you, like me, may also have lost quite a bit of, if not all respect for the man. ‘Well surely Sandler has hit his all time low after this?’ I prayed shortly after witnessing such an awful, terrible, torturous film. Surely with That’s My Boy he at least won’t do as badly as he did not one year ago? But it seems that Sandler wants to keep with his writing style of ‘shit’ from now on. If Jack and Jill made you lose respect for Al Pacino, That’s My Boy will make you lose not only respect for humanity itself but also faith in films altogether.

That’s My Boy centres around the hapless Donny (Sandler) who, years after fathering a son, Todd (Andy Samberg) at the age of 14/15 with his high school teacher, decides to try and reconnect with Todd on the weekend of his wedding. Sandler spends all of his screentime with the most annoying accent ever whilst trying his hardest to please us with an onslaught of crude sex and fart ‘jokes’ whilst Andy Samberg spends his time trying to play along but no doubt wondering why he left Saturday Night Live for this. At 1 hour 56 minutes it plays 2 hours too long.

No other words can be found to describe this absolute disaster of a film. However there is one thing, only one mind, that will make you breath a sigh of relief if you find yourself having to place your eyes upon such awful gags and your ears upon such awful dialogue. At least Sandler only plays one character this time. At this rate can we hope that his next film won’t actually feature him as a character but an inanimate object? Hopefully being destroyed in some way?



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