Keith Lemon: The Film

In the last year or two Leigh Francis has risen to fame with his alter ego Keith Lemon. With not one but recently 2 tv series currently airing it’s safe to say he’s popular in Britain. So much so that Keith Lemon’s antics have finally hit the big screen. In a film which begs the question, WHY exactly is he as popular as he is?
Right from the beginning a loud groan escaped my lips as I found that Lionsgate studios, the people who brought us such films as the Saw franchise among many others had helped in the release of this film. Of course there were other, minor production companies who helped out but to think that Lionsgate offered money for this film to be not only made but released for our eyes to be scoured with was just too much to bear. Then the film started.
If you do intend on subjecting yourself to this film I must warn you that for 85 pain inducing minutes you will be ‘treated’ (Like in a hospital but without the anaesthetic) to crude and painful attempts at jokes alongside a half-arsed storyline as you see the origin story of Keith’s rise to fame.
The conclusion is without a doubt one of the worst I’ve ever seen but still at least a sigh of relief came when the credits finally began to roll. Although for you fans (of which there seems to be quite a few of. One of the great mysteries of the world.) there’s a gag take for you to indulge in whilst Keith pretty much narrates in between.
But before you hand your money over and give yourself this 85 minute torture just remember that I tried to warn you.



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