Chronicle (2012)

Over the past few years the found footage genre has risen from strength to… well Paranormal Activity 3. And so before we are given yat another 90 minutes of sleep inducing footage with the odd jumpy moment thrown in to make sure we’re paying attention in the fourth instalment in October, we’ve been given Chronicle.

Chronicle brings together two of the most popular genres of the last decade – super hero and found footage – in an edge of the seat thriller/horror/comedy as three teenagers stumble across something deep underground which gives them telekinetic powers. This is usually the part where we cue a super baddie for the hapless teens to stop thus saving the world and getting the girl. But instead they do what is expected of them. They use their powers to scare little girls and generally have a bit of fun at other peoples expense. But when one of the boys, Andrew becomes more powerful than anyone could have anticipated things begin to get a bit disturbing.

Although the storyline is still full of the usual things we’ve seen before the acting and directing make up for it. With the boys telekinesis being used as a way in which to make the camera move around more seamlessly the film still manages to look like a beautifully crafted piece of art yet managing to retain the sense of amateur filmmaking. No more are we stuck with the camera being either motionless in  the corner of the room or jumping around making us view random shots of the ground for no apparent reason. Instead the we are treated to a proper looking film.

With special effects which are not the most impressive yet will still astound and amaze and yes, even impress, this film is a mmust see for not just superhero fans, not just Blair Witch Project/Paranormal Activity fans but really anybody. The first film of this genre to truly amaze me.



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