Shame (2011)

Over the past three or so years Michael Fassbender has been slowly and surely making his name in Hollywood. And it seems that in 2011 he went all out. With four film roles including that of Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre and Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto in X Men: First Class. But now with Shame he has really made his name.

Working for the second time with director Steve McQueen, Fassbender plays Brandon a New Yorker whose sex addicted life is disturbed when his sister, Sissy (Carey Mulligan) arrives in town and stays indefinitely with him. As Brandon battles desperately with his addiction Sissy tries to help but just brings back bad memories for the both of them.

Although the storyline isn’t as deep as it could be the acting makes up for it. Fassbender is flawless as Brandon and Mulligan not only shows us yet again that she can act but also proves she has a fine talent for singing. Her rendition of New York, New York is a thing of wonder and will never cease to astound and amaze.

Dialogue wise it had about as much as Drive, a film which I can quite honestly say needed more (controversial I know but it’s not my fault everyone else is wrong) however the silence is needed in this to make way for the acting and cinematography. With this role near enough defining Fassbender as an actor I look forward to another collaboration with McQueen.



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