A Perfect World (1993)

Well after four days of frantically searching for the perfect film to start 2012 off I finally gave up and ended up starting from the front of the alphabet on my ever expanding DVD shelf. And it seems I found the perfect film. Quite fittingly entitled A Perfect World.

Why is it a perfect film to begin the year with you ask? Well it’s a Clint Eastwood film. That’s about all you need for a good film to be quite honest. Having received about 53 of his films on dvd for christmas you’ll probably be seeing a lot of reviews featuring Eastwood over the next year or so.

Anyway on to the film. The storyline is quite sweet in an odd little way. Kevin Costner is an escaped convict who finds himself abducting an 8 year old child. Now at this part in the synopsis you’d probably expect me to describe a clichéd thriller in which Clint Eastwood plays the cop desperately trying to rescue said child from the clutches of cruel kidnapper Costner. And you’d be half right.

Indeed Eastwood does play the cop tracking down Costner in a sort of cat and mouse chase. However Costner is as cruel as Mickey Mouse throughout most of the film. Yes there are obvious hints that he is a bad guy but the film progresses much like a road trip movie. As Costner makes his way across America trying to get to Alaska he adapts as a sort of father figure for the child, whom I should mention is played by TJ Lowther, not the best child actor I’ve seen but still good enough.

With a nice soundtrack to accompany the road trip feel to the film made up of mainly country songs which are made just about audible through the car stereo. Eastwood doesn’t appear as much as you’d expect but when he does he pretty much dominates every scene. But his work behind the camera is quite magnificent.

A lovely little road trip movie with a twist this is definitely worth a watch.



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