The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

And so here we are finally. After the controversial ban from the BBFC back in June and the even more puzzling decision a mere four months later to reward the film a rating with two and a half minutes worth of cuts, Tom Six’s much discussed The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence is finally released in the UK.

After Six’s statement that the sequel to his 2009 cult hit would ‘make the first look like My Little Pony in comparison’ and the announcement of the Centipede becoming 4 times longer with twelve people in the awkward position, it’s an understatement to say fans were anticipating the outcome. And what an outcome it was.

Shot entirely in black and white, Full Sequence, tells the story of Martin, a short plump midget car park security guard (the complete opposite of the previous films tall, thin villain, Dr Heiter). Martin is first introduced watching the original Human Centipede and as the film progresses the character develops into a troubled man with a history of sex abuse which explains his reasons for wanting to create his own centipede.

Another aspect of the film which worked rather well was Martins constant silence. As opposed to the first instalment where Heiter spent much of the film discussing what was going to happen and explaining the progress to his victims, here Martin differs. Instead of speaking he spends his time doing. As he works his way collecting the people for his new-found hobby we see the victims gradually realise what their doomed fate is.

In all the film is quite simply a materpiece. Six has well and truly upped the ante and given us more gore and horror. However it seems that the film will always be remembered for the controversy surrounding it and with the third and final film slated for 2013 we can only imagine what he has in store for us next. And what we imagine will no doubt be nowhere near to the finished product.



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