The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

When it was announced a year or two ago that Hollywood was remaking the remarkably successful Swedish film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo it came as quite a shock to most people. Not that Hollywood were doing a remake. That seems to be the only thing the american film industry are capable of doing these days. No. It was a shock to find that the film was being remade so soon after the Swedish versions release.

Then came the hunt for the new Lisbeth Salander, the title character. As director David Fincher sorted through the hordes of women in his sight for the now infamous role, the eyes were all upon the big stars. Angelina Jolie. Emma Watson. These names and many others were being thrown about as possible answers to Finchers problem. And then, out of nowhere came Rooney Mara.

It’s been a good year or so since she was announced to be playing Lisbeth and finally she has shown that she is worthy of the role. Mara plays the troubled computer analyst so brilliantly it almost rolls off her seamlessly. Daniel Craig proves that he can still be more than just Bond with his portrayal of Mikael Blompkvist, a reporter hired to find the murderer of Harriet Vanger.

The opening sequence is simply superb, with Fincher creating a beautiful opening credits sequence not unlike the one he used with Fight Club. Special recognition must go to Trent Raznor and Atticus Ross for producing yet another brilliant soundtrack that tops their work for last years The Social Network.

However as the film continues the plot does begin to drag just a bit, and unless you’ve read the book it might be a bit hard to keep up with the storyline. The conclusion drifts slightly from the original novels but not so much that it is completely alienated by it.

Fincher has once again pulled off a masterpiece. Although it’s not better thanThe Social Network it certainly isn’t worse. Frankly it will be a surprise to hear that there is no planned sequel in the works. Same time next year?



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