Superbad (2007)

OK so let me get the obvious thing out of the way first so you can all judge me. I have never seen Superbad. Or rather I hadn’t until just now. OK. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Of all the films that are on the long list of films I should get round to watching that was pretty low on the list. It was just pure chance that LOVEFiLM sent me it this week.

Anyway moving on I finally managed to watch it and… well… it was crap! I mean granted the actors are all funny and great like Jonah Hill and Emma Stone (who I actually didn’t know was in the film till I started watching it! Lovely surprise!) but I’ve seen them do much much better. The whole storyline was ludicrous. It was basically three guys intent on getting alcohol in order to lose their virginity to three girls (who were by the way, really out of their league. I mean come on, Emma Stone and Jonah Hill? Really?)

It had hints of American Pie in it. Same basic storyline with the slightest of twists. But that slight twist meant the film can’t be compared to American Pie at all. It tried too hard to be like it. What with the crude jokes and storyline. But in the end it was just pure crap. I’d heard this film was really funny and it was talked about as one of the best comedies of the year when it was released but I can say with absolute 100% certainty I didn’t laugh one bit. Not even a titter. Nor a smile.

And now I come to the cops. Unbelievable cops. And not in a good way. They’re unbelievable because they’re so crass, so horrifically unrealistic, so awfully antifunny that I just didn’t even care what came out of their mouths by halfway through the movie. It would’ve been fine had the cops been funny but what they did throughout the movie was so unrealistic and annoying that it took all the humour away.

Basically, keep away from this film. As far away as possible. If you want a good teen comedy go watch American Pie. If you just want a comedy, watch Bridesmaids.



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