Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Well it’s been around two years since we were introduced to not only one of the greatest Guy Ritchie films ever but also the one of the greatest bromances ever to grace our screens.

Yes, Holmes and Watson are back in the sequel to 2009’s smash hit. And if you thought the first instalment was good, just you wait. Everything is turned up to 11 here, and rightly so, as we finally see Holmes come face to face with the man who is highly regarded in the world of literature and fiction as not only Holmes’ greatest nemesis but fiction’s greatest enemy.

In an action pieced opener which only makes you anticipate the rest of the film, Robert Downey Jr proves once again that he is the man to play Sherlock Holmes (at least in the films. For the TV Benedict Cuberbatch is doing just as fine a job). With Hans Zimmer returning with yet another brilliant soundtrack to push the film along and Sweden’s Noomi Rapace (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) joining the cast as French gypsy Madame Simsa.

With as much twists and turns as you can hope for and one of the greatest chess games ever witnessed in a film, not to mention Jared Harris’ brilliant performance as Professor James Moriarty, a role which will go down in history, this really is a masterpiece. Ritchie has struck gold once again, perhaps even more so than with the original, with a promising sequel and a fitting ending.



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