New Years Eve (2011)

It doesn’t seem that long ago when the 1st film in this genre was released. When Valentine’s Day was released in February 2010, the amount of celebrities (ranging from Taylor Lautner (Twilight) to Kathy Bates (Misery) ) was hard to fathom. And yet it worked. The mix of storylines was so well thought out and the way in which they intertwined was so neatly done. The film did so well in fact (probably due to Twilight fans who wanted to see more of Topless Taylor) that nearly two years later we are treated to what may as well be a sequel.

It is Valentine’s Day in every single way apart from one major difference. Instead of being set on Valentine’s Day, it’s set on New Years Eve. With some returning actors from Valentine’s Day like Jessica Biel and Ashton Kutcher and even an appearance from Robert De Niro, we’re taken again to a busy day in America where another non-important ‘Holiday’ is taken up a few gears to make it seem like the biggest event of the year.

The storyline is not one main plot but rather a bunch of little plots which make up a sort of montage of film clichés mixed together. To explain each one in detail would take far too long but in short we have a ball dropping fiasco at the annual New Years Eve celebrations mixed with a dying man’s last wish, a teenager’s rebellion, a pregnancy battle, an aging woman’s mid life crisis, along with probably a couple more which I’ve missed out.

As each story has it’s designated screen time, the film moves along at a steady pace which is sure to keep you entertained. However it does begin to become annoying as just as one storyline starts to get a bit more interesting than usual we are thrown either into a new one or back into a continuing old one. And those who have seen the ‘original’ will no doubt find themselves trying to figure out whose paths will cross and at what point in the film. In a film like this any two characters can be related or interact with each other.

As the film reaches it’s end (climax is too strong a word for a film like this), your life won’t be changed but I’ll be damned if you won’t have had a good time. It just makes me wonder what we’ll see next. Maybe an Easter Sunday? Or perhaps a Halloween? Now THAT’S a film I’d like to be seen turned into a romantic comedy. Who wouldn’t want to see Michael Myers with a love interest?

Whatever the outcome I’ll be sure to look forward to it. It will take a good few sequels for this new found genre to become tedious.



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