Fright Night 3D (2011)

So last Tuesday I decided to see this. I don’t mind remakes much and I can watch any type of film but one. 3D. However, unfortunately this was in 3D and I was guilt tripped into seeing it and going against everything I believe in as both a human being and a film fanatic, that 3D should end. Now.

I tried my hardest to stay optimistic throughout the duration and even managed to find some good parts. Only some though. There was a nice little reference to stakes at the very begining which made me chuckle and there was a good reference to the original in the script. But that was it. The rest of the film was basically pure trash. David Tenant’s role was nothing special. He started out being a complete and utter bastard and then towards the end his character changed to a poor weak man suffering from the old clichéd ‘my parents are dead’ fiasco. The teen actors weren’t good but weren’t brilliant either.

And the 3D. It was quite honestly awful and makes me glad I’d taken a 2 year hiatus in seeing a 3D film. The technology still hasn’t progressed enough to, well, work. They tried to get the blood to spurt out into our face but it ended up just pathetically splashing a few centimetres out of the screen.

The whole film was about as half assed as this review (rather fitting don’t you think?). In all I’d give this a miss. If you really want to see a good vampire film watch the original.



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